Corporate email on gnome-shell with davmail + geary + california

My new favorite corporate email solution is davmail + geary + california in gnome-shell.

Geary is still a little buggy (version 0.8.3), but I love how light weight it is, while still doing (most of) what I need it to. It really needs html signature support, but that’s the only thing missing that I really use.

Davmail appears to be very stable. I run it in server mode on startup with an init script.

Now all I need is a decent calendar solution. The new gnome app California appears to be the best bet. It’s very buggy in version 0.2. My biggest issue is that overlapping events aren’t handled well. I’m hoping they’ve got that worked out in 0.4.

It feels more fluid using native gnome-shell apps for my corporate email and calendar. Thanks Yorba and davmail!


  1. jonathanjg2 says:

    Like you, I like what I see when it comes to Geary.

    Until Geary is stable though, I’ll continue to use Thunderbird/Lightning – the calendar integration works flawlessly and the Davmail page contains full setup instructions to get started in a few minutes – worth presenting this as a fallback option

    1. David Mulder says:

      I agree. Shortly after I posted this blog post, I ran into a number of bugs and had to quit using geary. We’ll have to wait for it to become stable.

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