How to write a Samba Winbind Group Policy Extension

This tutorial will explain how to write a Group Policy Extension for Samba’s Winbind. Group Policy is a delivery mechanism for distributing system settings and company policies to machines joined to an Active Directory domain. Unix/Linux machines running Samba’s Winbind can also deploy these policies. Read my previous post about which Client Side Extensions andContinue reading “How to write a Samba Winbind Group Policy Extension”

Samba Winbind Group Policy

Samba version 4.14 will ship with Group Policy for Winbind. The Group Policy offerings are made to be similar to what is offered by proprietary tools, such as Vintela’s and Centrify’s Group Policy. Winbind Group Policy provides the ability to distribute smb.conf settings, Sudo Privileges, Message of the Day and Login Prompt messages, and daily,Continue reading “Samba Winbind Group Policy”

Deploying Samba smb.conf via Group Policy

I’ve been working on Group Policy deployment in Samba. Samba master (not released) currently now installs a samba-gpupdate script, which works similar to gpupdate on Windows (currently in master it defaults to –force, but that changes soon). Group Policy can also apply automatically by setting the smb.conf option ‘apply group policies’ to yes. Recently, I’veContinue reading “Deploying Samba smb.conf via Group Policy”