Group Policy Management Console for Linux

I’m working on a YaST module that imitates the behavior of the Group Policy Management Console in linux. You can install it on openSUSE Tumbleweed via: sudo zypper in yast2-python-bindings sudo zypper ar samba sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper in yast-gpmc Then run it with: yast2 gpmc It requires yast2-python-bindings version 4.0+, whichContinue reading “Group Policy Management Console for Linux”

Corporate email on gnome-shell with davmail + geary + california

My new favorite corporate email solution is davmail + geary + california in gnome-shell. Geary is still a little buggy (version 0.8.3), but I love how light weight it is, while still doing (most of) what I need it to. It really needs html signature support, but that’s the only thing missing that I reallyContinue reading “Corporate email on gnome-shell with davmail + geary + california”